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Being a developer who designs (or a designer who develops), I am uniquely positioned to provide a wide variety of in-house solutions to my clients. At Kingworks Creative, the guy who designs your logo is also the same guy who can code an interactive javascript widget and provide database support for your website.

Paul King


I┬áreceived my second bachelor’s degree in 2004, at which point I began doing freelance graphic design and website development off-and-on for the next eight years, where I focused on helping individuals and small businesses with their online presence. Since 2015, I have been working full-time as a User Interface (Front-End) Developer for an online publishing platform.

A life-long gamer, I have recently tried my hand at mobile game development.

My Work

Mobile Games

Springling Swipe

Springling Swipe is my first video game. Made for mobile devices in Unity 4.6 (beta), players use touch input to protect the title character from gems that come flying in at random from either side of the screen. Google Play integration adds leaderboard and achievement functionality when users sign-in.

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